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Mount Abu Capital is an independent alternatives firm specialising in the origination and placement of two core product lines: (1) Private Debt and (2) Distressed Debt. Within the private debt business, is housed the firm's flagship real estate debt finance placement platform with capabilities to arrange debt and equity across all real estate asset classes. Our focus on these niches out of the overall debt landscape allows us the bandwidth to cover all the strategically important markets across the EMEA region.


The firm has rapidly established itself as a credible counterparty in terms of product awareness, credit analysis and ultimately the provision of liquidity and desired exposures, through designing unique solutions for its client base.


We are uncompromising in our dedication to an intermediary model to create exceptional value for clients absent any conflicts of interest. 


Our client base spans across the mid-market, and ranges from Banks, Corporations, Family Offices, (U)/HNW individuals, Long-only Asset Managers, LBO Sponsors, Distressed PE Funds and Hedge Funds.


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Track Record 

With experience spanning over two decades, we have participated in some of the largest situations in history, therefore are positioned to always benefit our clients from our accumulated experience, whilst also gaining new insights to share for when similar situations reoccur.


The firms distressed trading activities have recently been in the following industries - Banking/Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Waste & Environmental Services, Sovereigns, Real Estate and Construction with an emphasis on those issuers that are in workout, bankruptcy or liquidation.


The firms private debt, illiquid and other activities, have recently been in the shipping, energy, commercial real estate, with an emphasis on those areas affected by exogenous events and the subsequent imbalances created by unprecedented government intervention in free markets.



The strength of the Mount Abu Capital franchise lies in having organically built full end to end trade life cycle capabilities.


We contend that the distressed and illiquid market is very much a team sport and so are sourcing effort needs to be as good as our distribution and vice versa to be able to make effective markets.

Key strengths are:


(1) Effective local sourcing - as an independent sourcing firm, we focus on sourcing distressed, illiquid and 'hard to value' assets from original holders that are not being widely propagated in the marketplace.

Holders benefit, in that we travel as required to provide our clients with 'on the ground' support on all aspects of their situation, we put clients in a position where they can make the best informed decisions on their holdings.

Buyside benefit, by gaining access to pre-vetted opportunities, often overlooked by others, where there exists a higher certainty of execution, less crowded trades and first mover advantage in often complex and prohibitive frameworks, and ultimately a source of differentiated PnL.


(2) Expansive distribution network - a thorough understanding of the institutional mindset, our vast industry recognition and established, long-term relationships with key institutional investors have given Mount Abu Capital a distinctive advantage in the rapid closure of new assignments. We are renowned for our outstanding investor mapping capabilities (buyers' strategy, appetite, pricing, and execution capacity) and market insight. We put this knowledge to work to ensure our selling counterparties acheive the best possible exit conditions.


(3) Senior Decision Makers Approach to origination of new mandates - we speak to the following audiences - Chief Restructuring Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Managers to ensure we create the goodwill for when new business mandates are being awarded.


(4) Structuring/Pricing - we are unconstrained in every sense, allowing us to listen to the real needs of our clients and offer creative and bespoke solutions that surpass the capabilities of other incumbents.


(5) In-depth research - our desk analysts are committed to remaining "on top" of all the situations they cover. We utilise the full toolkit of resource to achieve this aim having access to industry leading news offerings, developed relationships with seasoned global strategic partners to offer our clients a service with a global reach through local connections. This when combined with our own trading and research team’s experience of distressed/illiquid situations, provides for a potent product offering. All of this is sythesised to produce research notes, specialist advice and newsletters on situational developments that aim to be intuitive and informative, providing multiple unbiased perspectives that can aid situation participants in their decision making. The search for yield means portfolios are becoming more geographically diverse, presenting challenges of their own. We help bridge this gap, by having access to multi-lingual team of experts able to assist with the language and cultural nuances of different jurisdictions to again aid better decision making.


(6) Smooth Trading/Execution - there are liquidity gaps where for certain situations either no market exists or participants price expectations vary too widely to be able to execute a trade. This requires the resources and staying power of intermediaries to stay close to the situation, identify the true value, build the evolving story, create the market and execute the deal. Mount Abu Capital has proven metal here having been involved in over 2000 trades all of varying complexity, size, profile of counterparties.


(6) Transfer Expertise - we take great pains to understand the transfer mechanics on any given situation before we solicit the interest of our counterparties. Once executed, as a nimble firm we have the ability to prioritise the closure of trades and will deploy the extra legal resources that maybe required to ensure complex transactions are completed in a timely manner without undue legal and process risk.


Ethos/Core Values

In the context of our business, these are the values that define who we are:


RESULTS - we are dedicated to excellence and achieving superior results for our clients, this is the benchmark by which we judge ourselves and is why our clients remain our clients


INTEGRITY - we demonstrate our integrity by adhering to the traditional banking values of confidentiality, sincerity and fair dealing. We act honestly and ethically at all times, enhancing the reputation of our clients and ourselves.


TRUST - we strive to earn your trust through our actions and commitment to your success.


COMMITMENT - we are dedicated to building strong, mutually successful relationships.


ENTREPRENEURSHIP - we encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship throughout our organization. We empower our people to explore new business opportunities.


COLLABORATION - we actively promote an integrated, collaborative culture that fosters communication and teamwork throughout the organization for the benefit of our clients.


INNOVATION - we encourage creative thinking and recognize that ongoing innovation is an essential driver of our clients’ and our own success.


AGILITY - we are alert and responsive to constant change. We understand that agility is essential to meet new challenges and the evolving needs of our clients.



Private Debt


- Liquidity Bridge Rescue Financing


- DIP Financing

- Exit Financing

Core Industry Focus:

- Real Estate

- Shipping

- Energy 

- Commodities and Mining

Bankruptcy & Liquidation Claims

- Freefall or Prearranged/Prepackaged

- Liquidations and Enforcements

- Real Asset Purchases out of administration

Secondary Market Trading

CORPORATE CREDIT - Stressed/Distressed High Yield bonds, Leveraged Loans & Trade Supplier Receivables, Private Placements





- Other Special Situations


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